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Ouroboros نوشته: Just a friendly discussion among friends, no need to freak out or become a ghost dear Russell
I really apologize but it seems you are fighting. 4 [ATTACH=CONFIG]932[/ATTACH]
Ouroboros نوشته: Am I now? But your girlfriend was humming a different song last night mate :e108:
E415?Don't go too far, pal. What were you smoking that night? I don't have a girlfriend, plus who said I'm a boy
Unknown نوشته: Don't go too far, pal.
Or else what, pal/gal?

Unknown نوشته: What were you smoking that night?
The good stuff, ask her all about it

Unknown نوشته: I don't have a girlfriend
Not anymore you don't..

Unknown نوشته: plus who said I'm a boy
Well I guess that's how I perceived YOU, isn't it
Mehrbod نوشته: any all aspects
Are you sure using of "any" is incorrect?I meant "all" and I think we can use each one optional

Mehrbod نوشته: he has been writing [STRIKE]now[/STRIKE] so far.
?and here I used "Present Perfect Continuous" . Is incorrect to use "now" for end of that sentence

E403E406 at all,it seems my English writing is poor rather than you and Amir
I should practice more; Because this is embarrassing
for meE40b

Rationalism Ideology نوشته:
Are you sure using of "any" is incorrect?I meant "all" and I think we can use each one optional

?and here I used "Present Perfect Continuous" . Is incorrect to use "now" for end of that sentence

E403E406 at all,it seems my English writing is poor rather than you and Amir
I should practice more; Because this is embarrassing
for meE40b

I have absolutely no idea what you mean by Present Perfect Continuous, but these two differ in meaning:

تاکنون = so far
اکنون = now

And about that "any/all", it's also similar to Persian:

any = هر
all = همه

You could say:

any book, is a good book to read
هر ماتیکانی، یک ماتیکان خوبه برای خواندن

But you can't substitute "any" with "all" in there.

And last thing you need to do is to be embarrassed.
You're doing a rather good job in my opinion, just keep using English (esp. in thinking) and you'll master it before you know.

Well; How do I perceive other members?!!

Honestly I’m not pretty sure which I had enough time to know ppl well here…anyway it’s like a puzzle for me putting pieces together to achieve the clear images.

Just I should mention one funny thing; although here ppl don’t share their real pics, after passing through posts even I can imagine their faces :D…LOL and another point which I have to say: I’d like to apologize in advance for all my stupid perceptions may offend and hurt anyone here…it’s not so big deal then take it easy please!! E105

Hmmmm; Better to start frm dear Mehrbod who has the highest rate of activity here and in this way he may intentionally or non-intentionally be more exposed to others including his thoughts, believes, interests and bla bla.
A curious and studious guy; so thirsty to know more and more abt each single fraction of the world. He never gets exhausted of digging in issues .Nothing impossible for him to reach and conquer…high confidence which keeps him moving forward and gives him strength enough to challenge…he’s got a classified mind even in emotional issues which doesn’t let him to deviate frm his path; somehow a robot man. I guess he has little narcissistic trend in his personality, for him first priority is himself…
More than 99% of his analysis based on evolution, If anyone asks me choose one nickname for Mehrbod, I will say ‘’Mr.Fargasht’’!! E105

At the end I got to tell that beside all above characteristics still he’s unknown coz based on my experiences ppl may exhibit absolutely different attitudes and personality on net.

Next one please!!! LMAO…enough for today:e405:
May spaghetti bless me…I’m goin to be kicked out of here ASAP E415

It's been a long time since anyone's posted anything in this thread, anyways me being the man of my word, I decided to finish up some of the unfinished 'perceptions' here :)

continuing from below:

Mehrbod نوشته:

I perceive you "Russell", as someone who's interested in philosophy and also likes to analyze stuff in a semi-mathematical sort of way


I believe Russell and I know each other for about two years now ... and my perception might be therefore quite biased:) however the way I perceive him starts with him being a rather quite intelligent and not exacatly a narcissist kind of person (which is 'ample' around here), and yet seems to like himself just the way he is.

His top interests are obviously around philosophy, politics, ethics, logic and some mathematics here and there.

I think he's read many books as well (mostly in Persian?), and has a few heroes of his own, namely bertrand russell and recently (not so recently) hitchens.

I could say I have this love/hate view towards him, I sometimes adore his superior sharpness towards finding out the truth at any cost, and I sometimes loathe him for being such a pain in the ass with his moral high ground and his [unwanted] sense of righteousness - alas I guess I act the same sometimes!!

He's also way way too lazy :) I can't really picture him doing anything even remotely uninteresting and that also seems to be correlational with him not being a 'generalist' type of person like myself and being more of a 'specialist'.

Russel's also been considered a cold-hearted person amongst friends, but I think that's not really the case, he seems quite capable of deep inner feelings but as always, his 'ethicality' gets into the way and gives him this irritating sense of power over other people and hence, the coldness.

It's also weird that although he's said plenty of times that he loves a good argument, but I've almost never seen him to argue with someone and enjoy the process, at least I couldn't figure out if he's indeed enjoying. I could go ahead and say that he likes more the idea of having a good argument rather than the real thing, but it could also simply stated that his opponents haven't been really up to par; My best are on the former though :)

I can't really say that he's my most favorite person around here :)) but I do feel a keen sense of comradeship with him, which is quite rare for me, as I'm not that or at all collaborative with other people.

All in all, he's one of the most educated and interesting people that I've been lucky enough to get to know in my life, albeit and alas virtually, and although every once in a while we step on each other's toes, we do seem to get along as well!

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