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امضای undead_knight
To ravage, to slaughter, to usurp under false titles, they call empire; and where they make a desert, they call it peace
English Poems 1
English Poems English

i started this to encourage english thinking and the literary sense
i hope it doesn't end up :) just like my other projects
so i begin with a political one
well i've written this poem a few years ago and now i made some modifications

نقل قول:

the country we live in is really good
we have every thing not just food

but we are not happy
a man rules us who's sappy

orders from the sky
just knows how to cry

he acts as he is lord of beings
maybe he thinks he creates things

he has some savage beasts
who just know the language of fists

this time he played a tricky show
supposed we let his plans go

ok! enough was enough
we got to be badly tough

people suddenly woke up
cleaned the false make-up

the country flown into the rage
broke that cursed terror cage

it was the time to destroy
the enemy horse of troy

we wanted to taste and feel
getting back our free will

he wrongly used gun fire
trying to save the empire

one day time will be alright
that day we won't give up fight

at the dead of darkest night
we"ll raise the victory light

we gonna kick his holy ass
if he doesn't let us pass

the way of freedom and joy
to prove we are not his toy

we should scream and dare
come what may,who's gonna care

but there is an obvious fact
we'll remember any heroic act

i accept any criticism joyfully